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Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

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Blue Calcite is a very powerful stone when it comes to soothing and relaxing the emotional body. This stone is known to calm emotions and offers mental and etheric protection. Blue Calcite is very protective when it comes to one's aura, and offers very strong transmutational energies. 


It is believed to enhance communication, especially in expressing thoughts and emotions. It can help open and clear the throat chakra, facilitating effective self-expression, soothing energy, which can aid in reducing anxiety, stress, and emotional turmoil, heightened intuition and psychic abilities, connecting with inner wisdom and intuition, Helps during spiritual practices to deepen their connection with higher spiritual realms, guides, or angels.

Astral Travel: It is believed to assist in astral travel and lucid dreaming, helping individuals explore other dimensions and gain insight from the dream state.


support the throat and respiratory system, helping with issues like sore throat, coughs, and respiratory infections, pain relief, particularly for muscle and joint pain, soothing stomach discomfort, immune-boosting properties, potentially helping the body fend off infections. And It is thought to promote strong bones and healthy teeth.


Throat Chakra & Third Eye Chakra


All zodiacs

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  • Ways to use your Blue Calcite

    Crystals can be used in various ways, you can add them in your practices & daily routine. Here are a few examples:

    • Hold a crystal during meditation
    • Add crystals to your altar
    • Carry a crystal with you throughout your day  
    • Place crystals on your body
    • Use crystals during your yoga practice
    • Bring positive energy to your décor
  • Ways to cleanse your blue Calcite

    • Water cleansing
    • Incense or sage
    • Sunlight
    • Moonlight

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